Privacy Collider


1m x 0.5m x 0.5m x 2 pcs

Mixed material, wood, directional speaker & mic, electronics, etc.

The ‘Privacy Collider’ is a light installation of two spotlights equipped with directional microphones that track and capture people in the public space via motion camera. Once being captured by the light beam the conversation of a selected group are transferred to the other beam via directional speaks, so that both side can hear and talk to each other.

The main idea is to address the personal privacy in a public space. The artist takes an experimental approach: how will the people react when they hear the voices and conversation of the others, will they communicate or run away, what does privacy mean in a public space? The installation creates an awareness of surveillance by making visible the technology such as tracking and capturing. It posts the question by creating a scenario of bringing people into an involuntary connection. At the same time ‘Privacy Collider’ tests the consequences of using these technologies.

Video Credit: Public Art Lab, Berlin, Germany